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Fathers are called all sorts of ways some say Pa, Father, Dad, Daddy, Big Daddy, Pop, Pops. You can't forget about our beloved Grandfathers. There are plenty of nicknames for our Grandfather. Some indeed do call him Grandfather while others say Granddad, Granddaddy, Grandpa, Grandpop, Grandpapa, Gamps, Gramps, Grampa, Paw, Paw Paw, Papaw, Pappy, Papps, Papa, Pepa, Pop Pop, Opa, Pepop ...some get pretty creative. Now don't you dare forget about your Great Grandfather. Boys & Men like to be addressed different ways: Mr, Sir, Senor, Dude, and Bro are the most popular.

There are all types of fathers. Your biological natural birth father, stepfather, father-in-law, father of the bride, father of the groom, godfather, single father, divorced father, adoptive father, father time (just checking to see if you are paying attention), gay father, maternal grandfather, paternal grandfather, great grandfather, great, great grandfather, new father, expectant father, first time dad, teen father, founding father, gay dad, military dad...

Fathers can be "your" father, husband, son, brother or uncle. Well, now days he can even be your boyfriend.

Fathers are so special they even have their own day. FATHER'S DAY
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Father's will be satisfied with anything their child gives them with love. It can be homemade or store bought or an online purchase from a website. You can buy him electronic gadgets, a camera, a stereo, a new tv with cable or a satellite dish, things for his car, tickets to a sporting event, team jerseys, engraveable gifts like a keychain, moneyclip or pocket knife, a new lawnmower, something for the garden, kitchen products, father son picture frame, clothes, shaving kits, a day at the spa, best dad picture frame, a new grill, personalized neckties, poem from a son to a father, poems from daughter to step dads ... A father gift exchange can be between a father and son, a father and daughter, a husband and wife, father and child, ideas for gifts for father of the bride, good gifts for a brother in law, daughter and father poem, christian father poem ...

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